Our Vision | Church at the Red Door


  • Our Calling

    As a “called-out people” of Jesus, Church at the Red Door exists to assist the larger body in building a vibrant valley for all walks of life through a movement of the gospel that ignites community building, cultural renewal, social justice and personal transformation, all orchestrated by God’s dynamic and empowering Spirit.

Our Purpose


Church at the Red Door’s primary purpose is to invite the broader community into a dialogue about their existence on this planet, asking questions like: 

  • “Am I merely a bag of chemicals; a product of blind chance with no purposeful design?” 
  • “If there is a Creator, is He knowable?”
  • “If He is knowable, would I even want to know Him?”
  • “Does He care about my specific circumstances, and if He does, is He able to help me on the road forward?”
  • “Who was Jesus?”
  • “What did Jesus actually say about reality?” 
  • “Did Jesus really claim to be God?” 

Questions like these form a narrative about life, and the answers to these questions provide the building blocks for our destiny. Church at the Red Door seeks to become a community more interested in lovingly providing the answers to such questions than simply providing a setting to satisfy our own needs. We believe that in satisfying both the spiritual and other needs of those we live close to, we ourselves will be paradoxically satisfied.

  • Our Focus

    So in short, Church at the Red Door is not primarily focused on providing religious services for mature followers of Jesus, though that will be accomplished. Our PRIMARY MISSION is to empower one another to flourish in the gifts that God has given us, so that we might impact the Valley in a profound and sustainable way – ultimately impacting the world. Sound ambitious? Absolutely!