The Sensible Steward


The Sensible Steward

Dear Church at the Red Door family,

I know many of you have already headed back to your summer escapes. As always, you will be missed over these coming months. We hope that our efforts through Livestream, YouTube, and Facebook keep you connected and feeling like part of the family. 

Last week, we explored two more facets of readiness. Are you ready for Jesus to come back? Do you live in a way that would prepare you for "the day?" As I grow older, this teaching of Jesus animates me more and more. If you missed last week's unpacking of light and slavery, you might want to catch up by watching here

This Sunday, we will conclude this readiness teaching of Jesus by exploring stewardship and worldliness. Through the many years of living here in the desert, I have met some of the most successful and powerful executives in the world - both men and women. Their attention to detail in their respective fields has been staggering. You don't rise to the top of the heap by simply being lucky. You rise by being sensible, vision oriented, and flat out smart. The shocking thing I have discovered is that many of the most incredible stewards of business have given little thought to their spiritual stewardship; the very stewardship given them by their Creator. God doesn't look for any Bitcoin speculators hoping to hit the jackpot. No, He is looking for sensible stewards.  Please join us as we explore this Jesus idea.  

Remember, beginning this Sunday, we will have only one service at 9:00 AM.  

Love you people,

Jeffrey Cranford 
and the Entire Church at the Red Door Team
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