Shining Servants of Another Kind of Kingdom


Shining Servants of Another Kind of Kingdom

Dear Church at the Red Door family,

Sunday we will continue our exploration of the profound teaching of Jesus regarding readiness.  Are you ready for His return? Do you live with the ongoing expectation that His return could be at any moment? If you can get that mental picture in your mind, it will absolutely change your day, your week, and your life! If you missed last week about what kind of clothes are appropriate for a "sky watcher," go back and watch here.

This week, we will continue asking the question, "How do I prepare for His return?" It involves shining, service, heightened expectations, and a pulling away from the chaos of a turbulent "seen realm" focus. Not easy! We need one another for patterning His life in real and visible ways. 

Come on CRD community - let's do this together on Sunday! 

Love you people,

Jeffrey Cranford 
and the Entire Church at the Red Door Team
Posted by Jeffrey Cranford at 08:00