Pick Up the Towel


Pick Up the Towel

Dear Church at the Red Door family,

In all our accomplishments - big or small - our good feelings of security and self-worth are only temporary. Think about what you consider worthwhile in your life - where do you place your time, energy, and money.

In the book of John, Jesus gets up after dinner has been served, takes his outer cloak off,  gets on his hands and knees with a basin, a jug of water, and a towel.   Jesus proceeds to wash the dirty feet of his followers.  When he had finished the last disciple’s feet, he was left with a filthy towel and a basin full of muddy water.  He then said these words to his disciples,  “Do you know what I have done for you?” (John 13:12-17)  I don’t think the answer was, “We have clean feet now.” 

Join me Sunday as we unpack this story and what our Lord and Savior has done for each of us. 

If you missed my message last Sunday entitled “Double-Fisted Faith,” watch here.

Pastor Paul Berst
Posted by Danielle Emmett at 08:13