Golf Digest Jesus


Golf Digest Jesus

Dear Church at the Red Door family,

Do you struggle inviting family, friends, or people you just meet during your daily routine to join you in your faith journey? Now is the time to take a chance to be an evangelist! 

People are open to "doing something spiritual" on this unique and powerful Sunday that comes only once a year. It is, of course, Resurrection Sunday. Some folks can only equate it to bunnies and Easter eggs, but we are going to pray the Lord makes a very different connection in their minds this year. Jesus was crucified for them, and then He proved His credentials by joining the ranks of the living three days later! There has never been greater news. Death could not hold Him. Now, for those of us who believe, death cannot hold us either! 

The title of my message this weekend will be “Golf Digest Jesus.” Yes, I am a former golf pro. I have seen this tragic mistake for years. People just want a little tip they can utilize to play better. Many do the same with Jesus. Did He really give us this option? I will try and answer that question this Sunday. It all ends in the resurrection. 

Please consider asking people to come join us at The Embassy Suites La Quinta this Sunday at 9:30 AM. I am always shocked at the number of people who actually say yes. Many are just waiting to be asked. Will you extend yourself to invite people this week? If you think back, wasn't it someone who simply asked you? 

Love you people,

Jeffrey Cranford 
and the Entire Church at the Red Door Team
Posted by Jeffrey Cranford at 08:00