Are you prepared for Jesus' Return?


Are you prepared for Jesus' Return?

Dear Church at the Red Door family,

What an amazing Resurrection Sunday we enjoyed this past weekend! I want to thank all the teams for their amazing work to get the hotel ready for our gathering. I simply cannot say enough about the excellence you demonstrated with such tight parameters. Awesome! By the way, if you missed last Sunday’s message entitled “Golf Digest Jesus,” watch here.

This week, we will press on in our exploration of Jesus' teachings through the Gospel of Luke. Have you ever wondered what Jesus will think about your life when He returns? Or for that matter, what He thinks of it now? Jesus was incredibly clear about what living life here should look like. He wanted His followers to live with the incredible expectation of His return. He wanted them to be ready. 

Do you live daily as if He might return anytime? If you do, this message is going to encourage you to keep living with that reality in mind. If you struggle to get out of the daily grind where all you can think of is yourself and your problems, this Sunday might just help you take a step out of the monotony of life. 

Can't wait to see you all. We will be  gathering once again at the Century Theatres in La Quinta.  Service times are 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM.

Much love,

Jeffrey Cranford 
and the Entire Church at the Red Door Team
Posted by Jeffrey Cranford at 08:00