Our Team

Our Team

Jeffrey Cranford

Senior Pastor

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Paul Berst

Associate Pastor

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Randy Lintecum

Executive Pastor

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Executive Team

Our executive team meets on a regular basis to pray over our church and to provide input on the day-to-day operations of the church. These team members are as follows:  Kristie Alm (hospitality lead - season), Don and Kathy Baer (hospitality co-leads - summer and fall), Paul Berst (associate pastor), Constance Best (CRD Connection lead), Rick Carlson (trustee and counting team lead), Pam Carlson (volunteer liasion and compassion ministry lead), Richard Cohee (lay pastor and CVRM team lead), Jeffrey Cranford (senior pastor), Pete Dine (audio visual lead), Danielle Emmett (church administrator), Chris Hermann (elder and property team lead), Kristin Hermann (trustee and corporate secretary/treasurer), CJ Lamoreux (lay pastor), Randy Lintecum (executive pastor), Mike Major (safety team lead), Mike Mills (prayer team lead), and Bob Thompson (ambassador program lead).

Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power. (Psalms 110:3)


The Overseers are to protect Church at the Red Door through counsel, prayer, and direct oversight of the Senior Pastor.  Typically, the overseers will not attend Church at the Red Door. We currently have one overseer with more to be added as time goes on.  Our present overseer is Dr. Paul Cedar, CEO of Mission America Coalition.  


These men and their spouses are to be the primary protectors and encouragers of a positive spiritual climate within the church body.  Our elder board currently consists of Steve Boyland, Mike Groves, Chris Hermann, and Mac McQuiston.  By virtue of our structure, our pastors - Jeffrey Cranford, Paul Berst and Randy Lintecum - are also members of the elder board.


The trustees are responsible for the financial and operational aspects of the church.  Our trustee board presently consists of Gary Ames, Rick Carlson, Roger Eigsti, Butch Seal, and Greg Solis.  Our corporate officers - Jeffrey Cranford and Kristin Hermann - are also members of the trustee board.

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