Groups | Church at the Red Door


Want to join a group?


We were created to do life together. When we gather we experience life as God intended. 
There are a few types of groups available at Church at the Red Door.

Check them out below and discover a group that works for you!

  • Rooted provides the opportunity to connect with God, the CRD church family, and your purpose in unexpected, life-changing ways. The Rooted experience redefines how people live life and view their relationship with God and others, giving context to what it means to be part of something bigger. You will begin to see God in new ways, as He invites you to experience life in Him that is marked by community, authenticity, and generosity. No matter where you find yourself in your spiritual journey; Whether you are new to your faith or have been walking with God for a long time, ROOTED will help you take those next steps forward in deepening your relationship with God.

  • We believe life is better surrounded by people who encourage, support, and challenge you to grow in your relationship with Christ. We were created to be in relationship, not only with God, but with one another. When we gather and grow in our faith together, we experience life as God intended–in community. Spiritual transformation happens best when we join an authentic and caring group, centered on Scripture, where we can acknowledge our true brokenness and seek healing and transformation that can only come from God. No matter who you are there’s a group for you. 

  • At more than 200 local clubs and courses across the country (and even in other parts of the world), men and women with a desire to deepen friendships and talk about their faith in Jesus with one another and others, too, have started Fellowships. A Links Fellowship gets started when three people of common mind agree to advance the five tenets of Links Players in their club: Love God and others, Integrate Christ’s reign and integrity into all of life, Network friends together in Christ, Kindle compassion for the poor and needy, Share Christ through the great game of golf. We call this the Links Player’s Mission, because it can be taken up personally by any golfer in the world.