Compassion Ministry

Compassion Ministry

"If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.
But someone who falls alone is in real trouble."

Ecclesiastes 4:10

As a “called-out people” of Jesus, we long to come beside people and walk through life together. More than simple empathy for others, our compassion ministry is based upon an active desire to alleviate another’s suffering. This means we meet people where they are, as they are, and offer ourselves as caregivers for a variety of needs.

Prayer Team: Our first mission is to pray for, or with, anyone in need of God’s healing touch. Sometimes this will be done in person, other times on Sunday before or after a service. We have prayer request cards available on Sunday which may be filled out and placed in the donation boxes.

Grief/Bereavement: The loss of a loved one is always life-changing. No one should ever feel they are alone. Our intention is that anyone dealing with such loss is supported and encouraged in their journey. One part of that support is a GriefShare Ministry which is an organized group to walk through the stages of grief together.

Helps/Acts of Kindness: This area includes, but is not limited to, odd jobs needed in our community of Church at the Red Door and beyond. For instance, a single mom or an elderly person might need a repair or assistance in their home. A big brother or sister might be needed for a struggling teen. Transportation might be required for a medical appointment or other meeting.

Encouragement Visits: Sometimes we just need to connect in person with people who are unable or unwilling to socialize with others. That contact may include visiting people who are ill, praying together, or simply going out for a cup of coffee and some good conversation.

Addiction/Recovery: Our modern society is riddled with addiction and our church body is not immune to the attack on any number of fronts. We will come beside anyone who is struggling with such issues and guide them to local resources available in the Coachella Valley. The power of God to heal people and relieve them of this scourge is real. We do not shy away from the challenge many families are facing in this area.

Meal Preparation: If a family or individual is in need of support in this area, we have a team of people willing and able to prepare delicious, healthy meals. The needs may arise as a result of an illness in the family, a death or another life event that prevents someone from taking care of their own needs for a period of time.


Paul Berst, Associate Pastor
760-848-4280 Ext. 6

Richard Cohee, Lay Compassion Minister

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