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Men aren't typically inclined to gather around deeply meaningful things. It's just a fact! We would rather have a cup of coffee with a few buddies and keep the conversation at a level we can easily control and navigate—things like last night's ballgame, the current state of politics or even business. Ultimately, when one of us experiences a crisis in our lives, we haven't got a clue whom to turn to. We can tell you this: that's a lonely place to be. We men need to connect! We need to do life together. Our current resources for connecting men are:

  • Links Players International  These guys use the language of golf and understand many in this Valley. You don't have to be a golfer, but you'll be rubbing elbows with many who are.  Our lead pastor is currently the president of this organization and many of our founding team are active as well. Many of these studies are seasonal. The current year-round studies are:

    • Mondays - 7:00 AM - Rancho La Quinta Country Club
    • Tuesdays - 7:00 AM - La Quinta Country Club 

You may also visit to check out their available resources. Check back in the fall for additional study offerings.

  • Bible Study Fellowship  This organization has a storied history. For more information, check in on Sundays at the concierge desk to see how you can get connected and go really deep in your understanding of the Bible.




Church at the Red Door is layered beautifully with women who understand and love to minister to other women. Within the ranks of Church at the Red Door, we have women who have excelled for years as teachers, counselors and just simple confidants for life's journey. Do you have questions? Do you need a friend to walk alongside you in this life? We believe we have formed a women's group where you will find not only the  answers to these questions, but deep and meaningful relationships as you go through the process.

Church at the Red Door Women  

Our women's study “The Fruit of the Spirit” will be starting on Wednesday, September 12.  This will be an 8 week study.

September 12, 2018 – October 31, 2018 

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: Private residence. Please email for location.

Additional resources for connecting with other believing women are as follows:

  • Links Players International  The women already have numerous groups here in the Valley, and they would love to connect with you; however, all these studies are currently seasonal. Please check back in the fall for open studies and feel free to visit for more information on their ministry.





There are studies held throughout the year; this spring, we went thorugh the study "Love and Respect."  If you are interested in attending the next couples study, please email Pastor Paul Berst and let him know.


Rooted Small Groups


At Church at the Red Door, we strive to have everyone who wants to expand their walk and their discipleship knowledge to experience Rooted. Click here for more information and to register for the next study. 


Life Groups


Our summer life groups are currently on hiatus.  Please email Pastor Paul Berst if you are interested in receiving information on studies as they come back online.  Additionally, our church-wide small group discipleship program will also start again in the fall (see information on Rooted above).  


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