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Probably the most pressing question surrounding the launch of the Church at the Red Door is, “Why in the world do we need another church in the Coachella Valley?”

There is truly only one answer to that question, in an ultimate sense. Simply, God has made it clear that He wants to launch another church! I am going to try and paint a picture of what I see. Through the annals of time many anxious souls have described their visions and the Bible doesn’t always support the notion that they are from God. Simply because someone invokes the language of, “God told me to do this!”, doesn’t guarantee that is comes from God’s heart. In fact, Paul warned the church at Colossae that, “Let no one keep defrauding you of your prize by,….taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind.” The veracity of any vision largely depends on confirmation through the community of faith, plus an unwavering commitment to the Scriptures. 

Has the community of faith that has been building in this valley validated the vision by showing its support so far? The answer to that is an unqualified, “Yes!” I’ve always sensed that for this venture to be God breathed it would take on the following characteristics:

  • Men and women would find themselves desiring a church home deep within their spirits.
  • Men and women would find themselves at a crossroads in hoping to employ their personal gifts in the larger context of community.
  • Men and women would be longing for a “tool” to help them in their own efforts to share the good news of Jesus with family and friends. This place would be safe and sustainable.
  • Men and women would jump at the chance to be involved, as if pulled by an unseen force. That force, of course, would be the Holy Spirit.

​It seems clear that these metrics have been met. God is doing something special and He desires that a new voice be added to the valley’s already vibrant  community of faith!

Life. Place. Mission.

Deep partnerships with other lay led ministries will be a significant part of the strategy of the Church at the Red Door. Below are just a couple ministries we partner with to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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